Music and Interests

Chung Shih is a composer from Singapore with an emerging international presence with commissions and requests from Asia, Europe and America. He has worked with some of world’s premier contemporary musicians.

He is also a guqin (Chinese 7-string zither) player. His qin guru is Ji Zhiqun, who studied under 2 of the most profound qin masters in China currently, Gong Yi and Wu Wenguang. His study of the ancient Chinese qin music led him to in-depth study of the Chinese literati culture which includes brush painting, philosophy and garden design. Consquently, his interest in composition can be described as an exploration of a double intersection: one between the avant-garde and the experimental, and the other between the international contemporary and traditional Chinese literati cultures.

Chung Shih is also a sound artist, who works in interdisciplinary collaborations with MLuM, an international artist collective.




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