Frissons : fris·son
Pronunciation: frE-'sOn
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural frissons /-'sOn(z)/
Etymology: French, shiver, from Old French friçon, from Late Latin friction-, frictio, from Latin, literally, friction (taken in Late Latin as derivative of frigEre to be cold)
: a brief moment of emotional excitement : SHUDDER, THRILL - Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary

Frissons I and II are composed for Kia Hui Tan with admiration and respect for her musicality and muscianship, and dedicated to Eddy Chong, a true champion of new music in Singapore. While Frissons I is through-composed, Frissons II is a musical landscape for one or more players to explore. Its length is not determined by the composer but is to be decided by the performer either pre-planned before a performance or ad lib during the performance.

Frissons I, beginning
Frissons I, in the middle
Frissons II, ending

Frissons III for multiple strings version 1
Frissons III for multiple strings version 2

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