secret music one for mixed ensemble


The quoted description above are often found inthe Buddhist sutras when rationality falls apart and something becomes inconcievable; the 'idea' of infinity or boundlessness are some examples of such.

This work comes in several independent musical parts for three groups of musicians:
1) Pulsing group: Bassoon, oboe, violin and horn are moving around the concert hall as a procession setting the pulse for other groups to play their materials.
2) Melody group: Clarinetist, violinist, cellist, violist, and flutist are playing in front of the large screen showing the large score, with 2 small screens showing ‘secret’ instructions. The large score will be scrolled through remotely and independent of this group while the 'secret' instructions are individually controlled by members of this group.
3) Anti-group: Pianist and percussionist playing 2 or more different keyboard percussions has a set of chords to execute, always setting up anti-pulses to the pulsing group with the aim of disrupting and taunting them constantly.

As a result of this game-like desgin, there is not one group that is in full control of the trajectory of the music, although the work has been designed to unfold lineraly in time.

This works seeks to explore the interdependency of musical elements at work in music making.




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