Victi-ry of Will, the Deafthetics of Bias

Stereo Impression of Octophonic Audio

This work is made up of four stereo tracks played simultaneously into eight
speakers. Live diffusion on the mixer is possible as a performance option. There is
no preferred ‘sweet spot’ for listening. Listeners will receive different biased
experiences depending on their locations:

Deafnesses as partial understandings;
Deafnesses as biased dis-locations;
Deafnesses as disguised depths;
Deafnesses as camouflaged identities;
Deafnesses as aesthetic deaths reborn;
Deafnesses as powerless information redacted.



March 14th Zepplin 2008 Sound Art Festival, Barcelona, Spain

October 27th Musicacoustica 2008, Beijing, China Databasethetics, Future of Asian electronic music database, CEMC/EMSAN, Beijing, China