“a locatively effected ambulaphonic performance installation and environment”


Yuan is a musical setting for 2 or more music-makers Yuan, the title refers to a group of words in Mandarin Chinese sharing the same sound but differentiated into different groups of tone. Some words are closely related to others in meanings, sharing same origins. This network of various and connected meanings, ancient and current, resonate with this work, Yuan:

: whirlpool; deep body of water; deep
: water source; origin; to search
圆: circle; complete; full; satisfying
缘: edge; follow along;destiny
: a beauty
园: an orchard, a garden
: to lead; to introduce; to use; to assist; to take
: water source, origin; searching for origin; beginning; to forgive;
expanse; to repeat
: beginning; head; first; origin; creation
: strong; secure; courtyard; monastery
: to agree; hope; intention; to admire; to long; honest
: a zoo; an orchard; a garden; a hunting ground; a place for talents

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