Forces and components: video, dancers, vocalists, laptops, pre-record and live sound and music, paper and paper objects, litter Processes: aleatorization, automatism, preprogramming, transilience Neither condemnation nor celebration, Litterati, an example of Pseudo-Synthetic Theater, informed by hara-kirioke (a fusion of karaoke, Noh drama and Theater of Cruelty), Litterati is a conceptual demonstration of litter employed as artistic medium as well as a nonmimetic display of the energetics of litter as formulated into methodology. By way of movement, action and dance, litter is created onstage; via projection, litter is aestheticized as it randomly captures the space-borne and lucific litter of images cast by projectors. Conceptual points are further underscored by live and prerecorded sound and musical elements. Processes include aleatorization, automatism, preprogramming and transilience, while performance practices feature spontaneous and calculated doubling techniques and iterations (the "sing along" aesthetics of sweetening and performing to radio, iPod and other pop prerecord sources).

The Photon Ballet with Thomas Dolby, LITTERATI for SIGGRAPH LA (Music Box Henry Fonda Theater, Hollywood [March 13, 2007] )



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